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Sidney Nolan

Brett Whiteley
Towards Sculpture 7

Brett Whiteley
The Garden in Sanur - Bali

Charles Blackman
The Returned Soldier


Brett Whiteley

Herbert Badham
Boatshed, Sydney Harbour

Herbert Gallop
The Bridge Under Construction


Hilda Rix Nicholas
Market at Etaples

Rubery William Bennett
Silverdale Landscape

Michel De Gallard
Nature Mort aux Journaux

Brett Whiteley
Magnolia Tree in the Rain

Brett Whiteley
Erotic Vase

Arthur Boyd
Bride in the Moonlight

Ray Crooke
On the Balcony, Cairns

Arthur Boyd
The Bridge, Lysterfield

Arthur Boyd
Farmer near Sheep Shelter, Wimmera

Arthur Boyd
Gateway, Ramsholt (Suffolk Landscape with Gate)

Arthur Boyd
Waterhole with Sheep

Abraham Storck (Follower of)
Cannon Practice

Arthur Boyd
Self Portrait

Basile De Loose
The Day's Catch

Fred Stead
Baildon Green Saltaire, Yorkshire

David McLeod Martin
Towards Kettlebridge, Fifeshire

Rubery Bennett
Storm Clouds over Silverdale

Julian Rossi Ashton
A Short Cut


Dorothea Sharp
In Portugal

John Alfred Arnesby Brown (British)
Cattle Resting

Edwin Frederick Holt
Family Group, Alma Cottage

Carel Weight
Conversation in a Field

Publio De Tommasi
The Departure

Marie Anne Tuck
The Sweeper

Rupert Bunny
The Drought

Charles Blackman
Within Without

Rubery Bennett
Storm Clouds over Silverdale

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