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Ranging from painting and photography to ceramics and sculpture, this diverse collection of work is a cross-section of what has become the next phase in the Australian art market. This page on our website includes some of the most collectable contemporary artists and their unique and coveted images from the past two decades. Artists include John Kelly, Tim Maguire, John Young, Peter Kingston, Susan Norrie, Jason Benjamin, Robert Jacks, John Firth-Smith, Melinda Harper, Lawrence Daws, William Robinson, David Keeling, Stan Rapotec, Richard Larter and Euan McLeod. Also in stock are works by Tracy Moffatt with images emailed on request.

'There is a freshness about the approach Australian artistís take to their medium. Like the platypus the Australian art world is an odd mix of things. While geographically remote, that distance tends to create an immense hunger in most artists who are starved of the daily experience of traditional western or eastern culture. The result is an immense consumption of cultural detritus from around the world, which bubbles to the surface in strange juxtapositions, palimpsests and styles. Scanning this strange assortment one can see the influence of modernism, postmodernism, feminism, abstraction and conceptualism, figuration and romantic, political and social issuesÖ There is no Central fashion here'. Ref: Ashley Crawford, 'Contemporary Australian Art, an odd creature from down under' Art and Australia.

Garry Shead
Artist and Muse

Robert Dickerson
The Single Girl

Garry Shead
D.H. Lawrence Series

William Boissevain
Removing Boots

Tracey Moffatt
Invocations 7

Garry Shead
Palm Beach Interior

William Robinson


Garry Shead
Floating Lovers

Jill Noble
Untitled, Figure Study

Fraser Fair
Katherine Gorge

John Olsen
The Mouse and Cheese

John Olsen

John Olsen
The Mouse

Euan Macleod
Canal Study 2 (Torso)

David Schlunke
Landscape with Ibis

Jeffrey Makin
Steavenson Falls

Brett Whiteley
The Garden in Sanur - Bali

Stanislaus Ivan Rapotec
Still Life

Stanislaus Ivan Rapotec

Stephen Roach

Stephen Roach

Brett Whiteley

Tim Maguire
Untitled 20030602

Susan Norrie

Jason Benjamin
Love Can Hear This

Graeme Townsend
Fire Fox Frontier

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